…down dog

31 08 2010

is there anything more refreshing than the best reset position in the whole world?

as cheesy as it sounds, yoga has definitely become a huge stress relief for me, and every time i get to down dog, its like a reset. you get to start over- a new series, a new pose, a new breath.

and i LOVE that. sometimes you just need someone in your life to remind you “take a deep inhale in through your nose, and exhale out through your mouth.”



…when words aren’t necessary!

30 08 2010


30 08 2010

when i thought of this idea for table numbers, i had no idea how obsessed with numbers it would make me…

but i now look for cool numbers on the street all day long and think about the perfect lighting for each one…

yea…. it’s weird.

and i’m ok with that.

…the impact tdm clients have had on my life

29 08 2010

i have run into 2 clients in the last 2 days who i have gotten to know fairly well over the last year and few months while teaching at the studio, and have gotten several well wishes and thoughts for the wedding (in 6 days!)…

photos courtesy of tdm facebook pages

this morning, a dear client took me aside to wish me luck and happiness (i won’t see her until after the wedding) and gave me a big hug,

post hug, i looked her straight in the eyes and immediately started to tear up- the amount of love and careĀ she had in the look in her face astounded me.

while i have been teaching these classes for 15 months now, it has been my job to have an impact on their bodies, minds, and lives. never did i realize what an impact these amazing women have had in MY life. i don’t know where i’d be today without the love, support, and positive thoughts i get from several clients at the studio…. but i couldn’t be more grateful for them.

photos courtesy of tdm facebook pages

…chicago summers

28 08 2010

i’m having quite the “i love chicago” day.

my view from the beach…!

(such an iphone photo day!)

…running on the lake front trail

28 08 2010

how could you not have an amazing 70 minutes running with this in the background?

…when your boss takes a vacation day

27 08 2010

nothing better than seeing this empty cube (excuse the blurry pic taken with my iphone while peaking over my cube wall):

it speaks for itself… happy friday!