…blue print cleanse

26 08 2010

ok. just give me a second to explain… while the word “cleanse” may scare you away… it’s so much more than that… and i’ll admit! the first time wasn’t as fun as the second time around.

it was hard.

BUT, the second time around, i fell in love.

after 30 days of a strict detox diet, 3 days of drinking delicious juices were a cake walk.

so much so, that i cannot wait for my snack pack filled with pure cashew milk and pineapple juice goodness arrives tomorrow.

so much so, that i’ve been dreaming about it since i ended my last cleanse.

so much so, that i’m willing to purchase these juices over a new pair of jeans.

maybe the stress of the wedding is getting to me but these juices are the only thing  that sounds appetizing to me anymore!!!





2 responses

27 08 2010

AHHH!!! Shut. Up. Did the blueprint cleanse like 3 months ago.

I love you. Wish I was doing it with you right now. Hmmm…

27 08 2010

Haha why are we the same person? I am doing another 2 day cleanse next week too!!!! 😉

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