…the impact tdm clients have had on my life

29 08 2010

i have run into 2 clients in the last 2 days who i have gotten to know fairly well over the last year and few months while teaching at the studio, and have gotten several well wishes and thoughts for the wedding (in 6 days!)…

photos courtesy of tdm facebook pages

this morning, a dear client took me aside to wish me luck and happiness (i won’t see her until after the wedding) and gave me a big hug,

post hug, i looked her straight in the eyes and immediately started to tear up- the amount of love and care she had in the look in her face astounded me.

while i have been teaching these classes for 15 months now, it has been my job to have an impact on their bodies, minds, and lives. never did i realize what an impact these amazing women have had in MY life. i don’t know where i’d be today without the love, support, and positive thoughts i get from several clients at the studio…. but i couldn’t be more grateful for them.

photos courtesy of tdm facebook pages




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