…more wedding pic love!!!

30 09 2010

my amazing photographer wrote and adorable blog entry about our beautiful day!

check it out here: http://akphotodesign.blogspot.com/2010/09/congratulations-tina-and-mark.html


…my favorite 4 month old!!!!

30 09 2010

happy 4 months miss Lila!!! got to see my favorite little one last night- I swear she gets cuter every time I see her!!! I’m so grateful to have such a beautiful, healthy niece and such a great family!!! happy thursday!!!

…i found a dollar!!!!

29 09 2010

seriously, best way to start my morning- walked outside my front door, and discovered a dollar laying right out in the middle of the street!!!! yes, a WHOLE DOLLAR.

(yes i took a pic, and YES, its pitch black when i leave in the AM)

and now, i have been singing this all day:

now i just have to figure out what i’ll spend it on…

…tricking your body into doing abnormal things

29 09 2010

…sooooo one of my favorite lines when i’m teaching is “SMILE! send the neurons to your brain that you having fun!!!”

(miss lila always makes me smile! :))

(yes, i actually get a good amount of chuckles and smiles when i say that too).

and i’ve been thinking about that lately… and all the ways i trick my body into doing things it wouldn’t normally do…

…like waking up at 4:30 am twice a week to teach said classes- honestly it’s not as bad now that i’m used to it (and can’t sleep past 5 on the weekends either)

…like telling myself my vegan chocolate chip cookies are just as good as my world’s best recipe (they are really good though)

…like running 11 miles when i’ve set out for 8, due to losing myself in chit chat with a good friend along the lakefront trail(hey mariss!)

…like getting excited for wednesdays… because once its wednesday, that means it’s almost thursday, and then once its thursday, its basically friday, which means its basically the weekend…. what?!?!?

i guess its all about perspective, isn’t it?

happy wednesday (its almost thurs… which means its just about friday, so…. basically the weekend!)

…wedding photos!!!!

28 09 2010

audrey’s ears must have been ringing because pictures are NOW UP!!!!!!!!!


…and i’m now a VERY happy (yet still a bit busy) girl (although i’m pretty sure that my to do list just got pushed aside since i have spent that last hour glancing through pics and only made it through a fraction of them…  favorites are the way to go!)

…my hubby

28 09 2010

it’s been a crazy morning, but at least the hubby knows how to make me smile:

From: Mark.Anderson
Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 11:00 AM
To: Anderson, Tina
Subject: RE: i want my…


Doin my dance- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtuOFJFCWrU

so glad i married you!

(now if only my photographer knew how to make my happy by send me the professional pics….)

…freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

27 09 2010

back in the day, in what i like to call PFA (pre food allergies), i used to make the BEST homemade chocolate chip cookies, a recipe i learned back in grade school in a summer school cooking class. it has become a “famous” recipe among most of my family and friends throughout the years.

however… these days, my food allergies prevent me from enjoying such deliciousness… and i’ve learned to compromise.

in case you didn’t know… i read a LOT of food/healthy living blogs… and i gotta say, i make the most recipes from ashley over at (never home)maker.com. maybe its because i am also never home, or because i wish i could run as much as she does; but regardless, she has the BEST recipes- not just because a lot are vegan, and some are gluten/wheat free, but just because they are DAMN good. so, this week, i decided to give a go to her vegan chocolate chippers since i’ve been craving cookies like NO OTHER lately.

alas, the recipe i followed can be found here, and the only substitutes i made was turbinado sugar for brown sugar, almond butter for peanut butter, and peanut flour (new find- super high protein!) for coconut flour. they are DELICIOUS and like ashley, they are a new love of my life! (and ps, mine look wayyyy different than hers, not sure if its the sugar or the flour (or maybe type the coconut?)… but they taste delish so i’m not too worried about it)

as always, i highly recommend this recipe, even if you are not vegan or gluten free!!!