1 09 2010

besides for obvious reasons i love september… what isn’t there to love?

…the best earth, wind, and fire song

…apple picking (insert candy apples, hot apple cider, etc.)

…the introduction of fall clothes back into your wardrobe (! more on this later)

…the first fall night

…pumpkin and sweet potatoes being an acceptable part of your diet

…BOOTS reintroduced back into your fashion diet (!)

…candy corn (!!!)

…college football back in my saturday

…and from now on… our wedding anniversary ❤

happy september!!!

…what’s you favorite part about september???




7 responses

1 09 2010

what about college football <|=)

1 09 2010

whoops. that was an oversight!!!!

have no fear…. my trojans make me very happy and deserve their own post!

1 09 2010

love! i reallllllllllly wanted to link to you in my afternoon post. so you better get over the blog anxiety soon lady! 😉

1 09 2010

duhhh, i think i posted a comment under tinaanderson… which is weird since i’m still tina kuhr…(whoops?). i shared with my sisters and mom…. just waiting to pass along further. (and to make it prettier)

just read your post- yippie!!!!!

2 09 2010

Love Love Love Earth Wind and Fire… it’s totally a happy song!

1 10 2010
…october « things that make me happy…

[…] 1 10 2010 ummmm… how is it october 1? and what happened to september (i’ll come back to that)? […]

1 11 2010
…november « things that make me happy…

[…] i’m not gonna lie, i don’t love november as much as i love september and october… however, there are some super fun things happening this month and the best way […]

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