…daily new arrivals at shopbop

23 09 2010

i have the same routine each morning when i open up my computer.

check work email. check gmail. and check shopbop’s new arrivals.

it’s been a ritual since freshman year of college, and i feel incomplete without it.

yes, i may not be able to afford $500 sequin cardigans or $600 dvf sweaters , but they sure are damn fun to look at!!!!

gorgeous alexander wang mohair.... yummy

the best part is that they let you “be the editor” and save all of your “hearts”/favorites…. so I can follow my hearts until the day that i either win the lottery, or they go on sale (or they sell out and one gets returned and i can suddenly buy it again)….

it’s kind of the best.




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23 09 2010

i seriously don’t know what people did before online shopping. but i imagine they had a lot more money…?

23 09 2010

and had to go to…. malls? haha.

i list online shopping as one of my strengths… is that weird?

23 09 2010

do you list it on your resume? 🙂

23 09 2010

obviously. how do you think i got my job at the gap?

23 09 2010

i was just telling matt how i was a pro at online shopping. i bought a top 2 days ago and it went on sale today from anthropologie. some would call that a negative, however because i am such a great shopper and browse the website on a near daily basis i was able to see it went on sale call and got a price adjustment! Success!

24 09 2010

haha so true!!! it us a talent and take lots of practice… otherwise you end up shipping your new boots and sweater to the wrong address(whoops… I did that yesterday…. f…)

8 10 2010
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