…cute kids in costume!

31 10 2010

i’ve seen wayyy too many cute kids in costume today- i mean… a maybe 1 1/2 year old boy as a cowboy? how could that not bring a smile to your face!!!! unfortunately… i didn’t snap any pictures of the kids as i was walking down the street in fear of getting yelled at by parents… alas, here’s my favorite kid in costume, miss lila ladybug!!!

this picture of lila and friends was featured on the nbc news last night- what a rockstar!!!happy halloween!!!


…mason jars

29 10 2010

by now, i don’t think its a secret that i have an obsession with ball mason jars… 

i mean… they are so pretty, aren’t they? i have them in all shapes and sizes…and use them for almost everything, from green monstersto making and then preserving cashew milkto storing foods- anything from coconut peanut butter

to dry foods like chia seeds and protein…to homemade beans in the fridge!i also drink water/coffee out of them, display flowers in them, and transport and eat soup and chili out of them! they are seriously my most versatile kitchen goodies, and keep my food fresher than i ever could have imagined… i love popping that little top off- you can literally HEAR the freshness… AMAZING.

happy friday!

…the velvet trend

28 10 2010

while at first, i was hesitant to hop on the velvet train… after seeing it pop up everywhere, i’m loving it this fall. it looks so cozy, so timeless, so beautiful, yet still in style.

on the runway…

at zac posen...

at ralph lauren...

and now, at my favorite stores…. here are a few of my current favs…

at shopbop, winter kate…

(click for source)

at j.crew…

(click for source)

and at madewell…

(click for source)

and i think this is a trend i can actually hop on board with (and am pretty pumped i have some left over from the trend a few years back, woohoo, i knew there was a reason i don’t throw stuff away!)

…THE veggie butcher

28 10 2010

i saw this article yesterday- how cool is this?!?!? at mario bataly’s eataly in nyc, they now have a veggie butcher– who chops up all your veggies for you and can help you figure out how to cook it/where to use it!!!click for sourceyet another reason i love nyc…

…venn diagrams of life.

27 10 2010

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…parallel parking

27 10 2010

i know my feelings will change as soon as the first snowfall, but for now, i will say that i do enjoy city parking on the street because i LOVE parallel parking. i was taught back in high school based on this easy method:

(click for source)

and almost always can make it into a spot within 3-4 turns of the wheel (knock on wood). sometimes, i even suprise the mr. although he teases me most of the time, and HATES when i try to coach him… (ps, hubs, i got out of my spot with 2 turns of the wheel this am). i guess i should also say i’m lucky to have a street where i can always find a spot (knock on wood) within a few buildings from our apartment… but again… we’ll see how i feel digging my car out of snow in a few weeks (eek!)

…homemade cashew milk

26 10 2010

i’ve been drinking nut milk for about a year and a half, but don’t really ever drink it alone because it just doesn’t do regular milk justice…

however, this recipe changes that! it super easy too!

first soak raw cashews in water for at least an hour (the longer the better- up to 9 hours), and then drain out the old water.i usually eye ball adding 3 parts water to 1 part cashews, but you could add more or less depending on your taste. throw it in the blender, and add about a tablespoon of vanilla, and about a tablespoon of stevia (or you could use agave, or your sweetener of choice)…

i add about a pinch of salt just to intensify the flavor, and then just give it a whirl for about a minute.its going to be nice and thick (again you can add more water), and some people will strain out the nuts, but i leave em in there- i like the thicker texture and think it adds a little more protein. i keep it in the fridge for no more than 5 days… so good in smoothies, coffee, or just as a after dinner treat (i like it best ice cold)!!!

next up is almond milk… mmmm…