…my watch

5 10 2010

some days, i glance at my watch at 1pm, and notice that all day long, my watch has actually been on upside-down. whoops!

and some days, i don’t even bother to turn it around.

then there was one day about a week and a half ago, i realized… my watch is actually still on spain time.

so, i made a conscious decision- just as i do when i leave it upside down, i decided to leave it on spain time. i mean, really, is it that hard to lose track of what the hour is? i more frequently am just checking the minutes- mostly for teaching, and how the hour is going. that’s really what my watch is for.

BUT i also found i knew purpose for my watch- a new daily reminder of the honeymoon. a reminder to breathe- its ok to relax and take a step back… it might not be for an entire week… but, i’ll take that reminder, i’ll take that deep breath, and then reset back on whatever i was working on.

we’ll always have mallorca…

and if you ever see me slightly confused- like i’m adding/subtracting numbers in my head… now you’ll know why!




2 responses

5 10 2010

hey I gave you that watch <|=)

13 10 2010
…ujjayi breath « things that make me happy…

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