…when trends grow on me

8 10 2010

sorry for 2 fashion posts in a row… but i couldn’t help it after seeing todays WWWD.

whenever i have worked in retail, there were 2 kinds of purchases i would make:

1. stuff i automatically fell in love with the day we unpacked it from the box and

2. pieces i would walk past several times a day, and although i might have had an aversion to them when we unpacked them, every time i walked past them, i would begin to like them more and more, until the point that i caved and bought them within a week.

now that i’m not working in fashion, but continue to “style stalk” and shop online obsessively, the same thing happens- but it’s usually more with a trend- seeing it on fashion blogs repetitively, and then on shopbop, etc.

and so it goes… i am now really starting to love calf-length skirts… i know, i know- a little laura ingalls wilder, but how cute are these?

from fashionista...

and then alexa chung for madewell (which sold out in like .2 seconds)

and then this is what got me this AM (top left)

from who what wear daily...

not sure if this is going to be one of those things i pick up within a week… esp. since i’m not sure if i can pull it off with my height (or lack there of)… but, its definitely growing on me…




2 responses

8 10 2010

Not a fan… Sorry.

9 10 2010

don’t do it!

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