11 10 2010

i was quite intrigued a few weeks ago when i read jenna’s post over at eat live run for what they call miga’s down in texas… and knew i needed to make my own version…

i looked in my fridge and had some left over chili i defrosted last week and thought it sounded perfect with eggs… and my inspiration came full circle (and i indeed ate them 2 days in a row):

migas (inspired and adapted from eat live run)

2-3 egg whites

1 cup of leftover chili

about 1/2 cup of red peppers

about 1/4 cup onions

tablespoon/one glove of garlic

olive oil

handful or 2 of tortilla chips

i started by sauteing my pepper, onion, and garlic in a little olive oil. once they were about half way cooked, i threw in the chili, and after a few more minutes, i added in the egg whites. when they started to turn white (about 2-3 minutes on low), add in your crumbled tortilla chips. let all the flavors meld in together… and then salt and pepper. 

i topped mine off with a little salsa… but wish i had still had some of that guac to add as well… seriously, this was the best breakfast ever- lots of protein and tons and tons of flavor… the tortilla chips totally make the dish!




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11 10 2010

add bison for more protein!

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