…being a tourist in my city

19 10 2010

on saturday, after months of me saying “i want to do that!!!” while pointing at kayakers in the river next to our whole foods, the mr. and i decided to celebrate sweetest day by going on a kayaking tour down the chicago river…

…and while i gotta say it was quite the “relationship builder” to kayak in a tandem boat… it reminded me how i don’t appreciate the beauty of this city nearly enough…

the mr. was very serious about practicing and listening to the tutorial…

and i just wanted to have fun!the scenery was unreal and i learned a few new facts about my city’s history…so much beautiful architecture!
…we even got to see a bridge lift/lower so the sailboats could come through!it was quite the learning experience and fun adventure… although i’m pretty sure next time, i will be banned from the tandem kayak…

one more of my favorites- the jewelers building- al capone lived in this dome!




3 responses

19 10 2010

not a very flattering picture of my YELLOW SHORTS EH!

20 10 2010

i liked your hat mark! You took some great shots Tina! Ahh, I love Chicago….

20 10 2010


chicago loves you too 🙂 and wishes you still lived here (obviously)

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