…coconut peanut butter

20 10 2010

i am now officially addicted to coconut peanut butter… its the best treat EVER!!!

i had heard of this artisana coconut butter that is only sold online and suuuper pricey… and i got to thinking, i make my own peanut butter, why not add some coconut? 

and let me tell you… i’m bummed i waited so long! this stuff is good! and you can’t screw it up- i’ve done it half coconut and half peanuts, and played with the proportions… no matter what its delish!!! just whip it around in the food processor for like 5 minutes and ENJOY! 

my favorite was is throwing it on some banana soft serve… mmmm… breakfast?

oh, and you totally don’t have to be a coconut lover to think this is delicious… try. it. ASAP!




3 responses

20 10 2010

delicious on waffles/french toast

21 10 2010

Make me some! 🙂

31 10 2010
…mason jars « things that make me happy…

[…] i mean… they are so pretty, aren’t they? i have them in all shapes and sizes…and use them for almost everything, from green monsters…to making and then preserving cashew milk…to storing foods- anything from coconut peanut butter… […]

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