…parallel parking

27 10 2010

i know my feelings will change as soon as the first snowfall, but for now, i will say that i do enjoy city parking on the street because i LOVE parallel parking. i was taught back in high school based on this easy method:

(click for source)

and almost always can make it into a spot within 3-4 turns of the wheel (knock on wood). sometimes, i even suprise the mr. although he teases me most of the time, and HATES when i try to coach him… (ps, hubs, i got out of my spot with 2 turns of the wheel this am). i guess i should also say i’m lucky to have a street where i can always find a spot (knock on wood) within a few buildings from our apartment… but again… we’ll see how i feel digging my car out of snow in a few weeks (eek!)




4 responses

27 10 2010

Did dad teach you that????????

27 10 2010

no, one of mark’s friends!

27 10 2010

last night’s seinfeld episode:

George: Alright, now you’re gonna see some parallel parking. (spitting into
his hands and rubbing them together) How I wish you could make a living
parallel parking. (turning around in his seat) It’s all geometry, knowing all
the angles, when to make that first turn and then when to swing it back in,
that’s the key.

Elaine: Will you just park it already?

George: There’s nothing I can even impart to you, that’s the sad thing. It’s
so inborn, I can’t pass it on. (begins backing into the space) Look at this
guy. Are you crazy, what are you doing?! Hey! Hey, you’re stealing my space!

maybe i should call you GEORGE!

27 10 2010

boooooooooo. george knows whats up.

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