…mason jars

29 10 2010

by now, i don’t think its a secret that i have an obsession with ball mason jars… 

i mean… they are so pretty, aren’t they? i have them in all shapes and sizes…and use them for almost everything, from green monstersto making and then preserving cashew milkto storing foods- anything from coconut peanut butter

to dry foods like chia seeds and protein…to homemade beans in the fridge!i also drink water/coffee out of them, display flowers in them, and transport and eat soup and chili out of them! they are seriously my most versatile kitchen goodies, and keep my food fresher than i ever could have imagined… i love popping that little top off- you can literally HEAR the freshness… AMAZING.

happy friday!




3 responses

29 10 2010

where do you get them? and happy friday!

29 10 2010

whoops- i meant to include that 😉

the short guys and the big guys are from target (weird, right? they had a whole end cap of them)

and the normal sized ones are from whole foods- they sell them at the bulk section! 🙂

29 10 2010

i like drinking beers out of them 😀

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