…christmas decorations

30 11 2010

since it is now officially christmas season… you know what that means… time to decorate the house!!! it’s one of both mark and i’s favorite time of year… nothing like the living room being lit up by those white lights!

so this weekend… we celebrated the season with a bottle of our favorite champagne…got the ornaments out of storage….even duke was interested and ready to participate!and put together our mini fake tree… while mark sprayed his xmas tree scented febreeze to get us in the mood (he’s allergic to pine). i love seeing it in the living room… and the character it brings to our house!



29 11 2010


28 11 2010

thank you all for your positive notes… the winner is number 7…

libby (17:53:37)

“i am happy matthew finally put up our last shelve…it only took days of encouragement….but they are up!!”

lib, email me your cookie of choice and i can either send them to you or give them to you when you are in town… either way, make sure you hide them from mr. matt!!! (jk, matt)


27 11 2010

hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend… don’t forget to leave on comment on this post for what you are grateful for in order to win fresh homemade cookies!!! 🙂

i’ll use the random number generator after midnight!

…a day of thanks!!!

25 11 2010

…this face!!!!

24 11 2010

ok. totally obsessed. 

…homemade larabars

23 11 2010

so i LOVE larabars. like, love love. they-are-so-easy-to-stash-in-my-purse-and-be-a-healthy-but-yet-dense-snack kind of love.

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however… they get pricey. so about a year ago, i started making my own to save a few dimes.

being the sweet tooth i am, i played with the original cashew cookie flavor and added vanilla and chocolate chips.

AND THEN they introduced the new chocolate chip cookie flavors! for a reason unbeknownst to me, my whole foods doesn’t sell them, but i finally tracked a pb chocolate chip cookie dough bar down last week… and boy oh boy, did i have a lot to learn!!!! i needed WAY more chocolate!!!!

and so began my love affair with my larabar inspired bars. mmmm.

in a food processor, throw in a cup of cashews and 3/4 cup of dates. add a heaping cup of chocolate/carob chips and about a teaspoon of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon…. give them a whirl (or… pulse repeatedly every so often as to not scare your new puppy)… and throw into your pan…

then with your fork firmly press them down into your pan. you can make them as thick as you like (thicker the better to me!)and then slice once they’ve refrigerated and set. in order to maintain self control, i wrap them up into single servings and the love affair continues… look, even the boss is interested!