…red cups

3 11 2010

woke up this morning, got myself ready for class, got my stuff ready for work, and groggily headed out the door for my 5am soy latte from starbucks… and then i saw this:could it be??? is it really time??? the time i wait for all year…?it is, it is!!! the RED CUPS are HERE!!!!! oh man, this is GREAT news- i will indeed get 2 FULL months of red cups from starbucks. i don’t know why these babies make me so happy, but they bring me a lot of joy. most likely because christmas is my very FAVORITE time of year… and this year they are extra festive- starbucks definitely realizes how much people love these babies and they’re celebrating (or capitalizing) it too:mine said, “while some think of us as an odd couple, we only think it’s odd when we’re apart.”

LOVE the quote, and it sounds like there are a bunch of different ones… LOVE IT.

i love you starbucks, thank you for making my day!




5 responses

3 11 2010

going downstairs….right…now. to get one!

3 11 2010

woo hoo!!! i should basically be a walking advertisment for the red cups… i have such a creepy obsession with them!!! 🙂

3 11 2010

you are crazy!!! I am a fellow X-Mas lover, BUT its a bit early for the red cups, though the trans siberian orchestra christmas concert is in town tomorrow. I’m sure you can find christmas music on the radio by now.

3 11 2010

no… 93.9 is still adult contemporary!!!

and i’m not saying i’m listening to xmas music or getting ready for xmas yet- just excited for the red cups! 🙂

3 11 2010

ps- did the people at starbucks think you were nuts?

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