…vince fall 2010

4 11 2010

lately, i’ve started to notice a trend in my shopbop wishlist… of the last maybe 15 things i’ve added… over half are items from vince’s 2010 fall line. i don’t know if i never really paid that much attention to the vince  collection or if they are just designing to my aesthetic this season, but i am in LOVE- ugh, i die for the shapes, the color palette (very neutral), the textures and knits, and the versatility…. especially with the sweaters! here are a few of my favs right now:

(click for source)(click for source)

(click for source)

oh yea… and this BEAUTIFUL jacket… (ba-nan-as!)

(click for source)

i went over to their website, and stumbled upon this video… it pretty much shows EXACTLY why i’m loving it right now-

yummy. too bad november starts my “credit card vacation…”




2 responses

7 11 2010

Wow thanks for the intro to ShopBop – it would seem I’ve been missing out all this time. And free shipping to Canada. Ohhhh this is dangerous.

I, too, am on Operation Spend No Money – so this will be a virtual window shopping site for me (for now!) 🙂

8 11 2010

oh man, it will probably cause more harm than good, haha! its the BEST!

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