…whole foods lincoln park

10 11 2010
 so, you can probably tell that i’ve been pretty busy lately (baby showers, working, teaching, and running, oh my!)… hence, the lack of recipes because not only have i not had time to cook since the black bean/sweet potato burgers, we pretty much have no food in our apartment! which is why i am SUPER siked for my trip to whole foods lincoln park tonight!

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for those of you who have never been… this is the holy grail, the MECCA, if you will, of whole  foods. quite literally, it is the largest whole foods in the country. not only does it have oodles and oodles of fresh produce,

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but theres a wine bar, a bar/bar (and you can drink while shopping… how convenient!),

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tons of samples, every kind of gluten/wheat/dairy free product known to mankind, and of course, their famous hot bar along with a gigantic cafeteria, complete with outdoor and indoor seating over looking the river. seriously, check out the whole foods websites’s slideshow… and you’ll see what i’m talking about!

i have about 20 flagged recipes right now… if only i could narrow them down and decide what groceries i need to buy!



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10 11 2010

Ooooo, envy, envy, envy!!! I am in Ottawa Canada, and we are “supposed” to be getting a Whole Foods, but no one seems to know when. LOVE LOVE LOVE that store. Have funnnnn!

10 11 2010

oh man, i don’t know what i would do with out it… i dont know what i would do if i didn’t have the luxury to go every day either! 🙂

10 11 2010

This Whole Foods is ridiculous. I’ve been to many-a-Whole-Foods in different cities and this one trumps them all. Walk in and feel free to start chugging local Chicago draft beers at the bar. Have a champagne flight and take as many free samples of cheese in the dairy section as you please. If that does not fit your fancy, approach the concierge and bark at him/her for not actually enforcing the hybrid parking spaces.

This place is a circus of the high-class and hippies of the North Side. Since I’ve already said too much, for the meat-mongers of Chicagoland, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out the butcher at ANY Whole Foods. Burgers, lamb-chops, flank steak, turkey breast – EVERYTHING is good at the butcher. I have gotten a buffalo-bleu-cheese-chicken burger from the Whole Foods butcher for Christ Sake: it was probably healthy and I felt like eating six of them. GRUNT

10 11 2010

what, did you copy and paste your yelp review???

10 11 2010

omg holy crap.

i’m moving.

into that whole foods.

10 11 2010

umm… and you wonder why when i talk about what i do after work i almost daily say… “i’m going to whole foods.”

10 11 2010


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