…cinque e’ cinque

12 11 2010

i recently heard about a product called “cinque e cinque,” which is basically a chickpea frittata of sorts made with chickpea flour. my first thought was… mmmmpizzaaaaaa. ever since i’ve had to start my new diet (no wheat, no dairy) all i dream about is pizza!!!! so, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make my own version that is tummy friendly…. and boy, was it delicious! and the opportunities are endless! i can’t wait to play more, but here is my first experiment!

cinque e cinque pizza frittata

1/2 package of lucini cinque e’cinque

1 tbsp of olive oil

about a cup of spinach

3 tablespoons of tomato paste

1 cup of daiya vegan mozzarella cheeze (or regular cheese)

salt, pepper, and garlic to taste

prepare the cinque e’ cinque according to directions. once it is in its cast iron skillet (heavy duty pie pan), flavor with your salt, pepper, and garlic and then layer in your spinach, little droplets of tomato paste, and cheese cheeze.ย put in the over for 500 degrees for 12-14 min, and then leave the oven door ajar and let it cook for another 6 (lets in the humidity). once the edges are lightly brown, it is ready (even though it doesn’t look it!)

let it cool for minute or two and slice yourself out a piece!!!! it definitely is more of a frittata then a pizza, but it is absolutely delish! enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

next time, i’m going to try to add the tomato paste to the dough… and play around with the thickness to see if i can get it a little thinner.




2 responses

12 11 2010

looks pretty t! way to go!

12 11 2010

thx sar ๐Ÿ˜‰

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