…christmas music!

17 11 2010

so, i told myself i would wait until the week OF thanksgiving to start listening to christmas music, but that didn’t work out so hot due to the following reasons:

1. starbucks red cups came out so early.

2. the daley plaza christmas tree is already up!

3. libby said she was turning on her xmas tunes on sunday (and whatever libby says goes)

4.93.9 started playing non-stop christmas music last week.

5. the glee christmas album came out yesterday!!!!! i mean… how can i resist???!?!?!?!

here’s my favorite song on the album… i’m pretty sure this won’t be the last xmas song i post in the next 5 1/2 weeks…

cheers to the beginning of the holiday season!!!!

(i promise i’m waiting on decorations)

what’s your favorite christmas tune?




8 responses

17 11 2010

17 11 2010

no suprise here. but good choice nonetheless 🙂

how about the remix version?

18 11 2010

haha, but I didn’t start listening, even though i said i was going to. Matt’s fav is Charlie Brown Christmas too. I might have a new favorite from Glee…I will let you know!

18 11 2010

haha, well you should! i thought you started listening to the glee album?

18 11 2010

no i just listened to a few seconds of a few songs to make sure i should download it.

18 11 2010

no, i just listened to a few songs for a few seconds to make sure it was something i should download.

19 11 2010

Want to put our lights on outside??????????????????????????

19 11 2010

haha, i heard you were upset libby wouldn’t be home to help with that!!!

mark said he would try to help… neither of us have done it before, so if you tell us what do we can try!

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