…christmas decorations

30 11 2010

since it is now officially christmas season… you know what that means… time to decorate the house!!! it’s one of both mark and i’s favorite time of year… nothing like the living room being lit up by those white lights!

so this weekend… we celebrated the season with a bottle of our favorite champagne…got the ornaments out of storage….even duke was interested and ready to participate!and put together our mini fake tree… while mark sprayed his xmas tree scented febreeze to get us in the mood (he’s allergic to pine). i love seeing it in the living room… and the character it brings to our house!




4 responses

30 11 2010

Love the tree–it looks like the one you had in san Fran!!!!! Cute DUKE!

30 11 2010

that’s because it is the one from SF that we bought at that walgreens!!! this is it’s 4th appearance! 🙂

30 11 2010

i know that tree!! (and looooook at the doggie in the sweaterrrr!!)

30 11 2010

isn’t he the cutest?

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