…jib jab

1 12 2010

oh man, this made me laugh way too hard not to share. 

click to watch

TOTALLY made my day… thanks sar!




4 responses

1 12 2010

totally made my day!

2 12 2010

This pretty much made my day as well. Also, once the jumping beans were introduced, this was pretty much you, Mark and Sara dancing at your wedding! Now, if I could only watch this on my iPhone, it would be up there with the video of Lila dancing to Usher!

2 12 2010

haha, it for sure was! the jumping beans are the best!

maybe i should suprise you with one of you, jess, ben, and the ultrasound of louie…..hmmmm

8 12 2010

This is so awesome! LOVED it! You guys might want to move to Mexico and start working your maracas!!!

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