8 12 2010

(aka the greatest holiday movie of our generation… and maybe of all time?) it’s funny how i still remember the first time i saw the movie, elf. it wasn’t until it came out on DVD, and i think i made a bold move and bought it before i even saw it. koko and i decided to watch it in our sorority house’s living room on a quiet sunday night… and i don’t know if it was the sugar high from the christmas tree peeps or just the hilarity that is will ferrell, but i’m pretty sure that to this day, that is the hardest i’ve ever laughed. and to this day, i still cannot even think about that movie without a smile or chuckle.

here are a few of my favorite scenes (man it was hard to choose…):

“santa!!! i know him!!!”

“i love you i love you!!!” 

the classic.




5 responses

8 12 2010

LOVE elf!!!

8 12 2010

thanks mr. norwall

8 12 2010

Love that movie!

8 12 2010

the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

8 12 2010

I was trying to find that scene and I couldn’t find it!!! “I’m in a store and I’m siiingiiiiingggg!!!!”

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