…duke’s winter accessories

15 12 2010

dog clothing and dog accessories have always made me giggle.

but it wasn’t until we actually got our own dog that their importance was proven to me.

i won’t lie, little dukie sure looks embarrassed when i put his little rubber booties on them.

but at least he doesn’t freeze when his little paws hit the snow…

…and our floor stays clean when he gets back inside and runs around like a mad man, trying to get his fur back in place after the sweater and boots come off… and he gets his treat, of course.

this dog is bringing much more happiness into our home than originally expected, love this guy so much and can’t wait for him to “officially” be part of our family this weekend!




6 responses

15 12 2010

cute dukie!!!!

15 12 2010

he might be ready for another play date with caymoo soon! 🙂

15 12 2010

omggggggg look at the booties!!!!! he’s like “mom. wtf.” in that first pic, and i love the second one!

15 12 2010

isn’t it fun?

15 12 2010

too bad he hates me.

15 12 2010

he doesn’t hate you!!!! he was just afraid that you were invading on your space!!!!

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