…i read the book, the secret, back 3 years ago. since then, i’ve  read lots of other related books (i highly recommend a new earth and change your thoughts, change your mind) and tried to incorporate positive thinking into my life. however, life and stress easily get in the way, and one i’ve realized it’s something you have to remind yourself of several times every day. the easiest tool for me to snap out of it, is to think about and be happy and grateful for things. one of the exercises they talk about in the book is writing down everything you are thankful for- and using that list as a reminder to be happy and grateful when negativity enters your mind- which will in turn, will bring more positive energy and things to be thankful for into your life.

…long story short- this blog is my way to find things to be happy and grateful for each day… and share that with others. maybe the same things make you happy, or maybe it will remind you of something else that makes you happy… either way, i hope it brings a smile to your face- and you spread it around!



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15 10 2010

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