12 12 2010

no, not sprints mark.

“great art for $20… really.”

i think the tagline says it all… but how amazing is this website? so much great art, i am struggling to pick favorites! but here are a few…

love all the colors of this one… reminds me of paint chips!

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just beautiful, love the light thru…

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love these colors…

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such a beautiful tree with flowers! wish this was in my backyard…

(an oldie but a goodie… love this shelf!)

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…the FIRST snow of the year

4 12 2010

the only snow of the year i like (i missed the first teaser on tuesday… it was gone before i got home!)!!!!

i woke up to this this AM: which then looked like this outside…so, after taking duke for a little walk, it was time to get to my car…had to do a little scraping, but it wasn’t too bad…even dukey likes it!!! (i think because he doesn’t have to look for grass to potty….ha!)

…christmas decorations

30 11 2010

since it is now officially christmas season… you know what that means… time to decorate the house!!! it’s one of both mark and i’s favorite time of year… nothing like the living room being lit up by those white lights!

so this weekend… we celebrated the season with a bottle of our favorite champagne…got the ornaments out of storage….even duke was interested and ready to participate!and put together our mini fake tree… while mark sprayed his xmas tree scented febreeze to get us in the mood (he’s allergic to pine). i love seeing it in the living room… and the character it brings to our house!

…mason jars

29 10 2010

by now, i don’t think its a secret that i have an obsession with ball mason jars… 

i mean… they are so pretty, aren’t they? i have them in all shapes and sizes…and use them for almost everything, from green monstersto making and then preserving cashew milkto storing foods- anything from coconut peanut butter

to dry foods like chia seeds and protein…to homemade beans in the fridge!i also drink water/coffee out of them, display flowers in them, and transport and eat soup and chili out of them! they are seriously my most versatile kitchen goodies, and keep my food fresher than i ever could have imagined… i love popping that little top off- you can literally HEAR the freshness… AMAZING.

happy friday!

…hanging frames

19 10 2010

as i was ready to post “progress…part 3” (see part 1 and part 2), this happened.

me: “why do i feel so accomplished after hanging things on the wall?

sara: “because it’s instant gratification”

me: “omg, you’re right. no wonder i feel so proud of myself!!!!”

my own personal buddha…. thanks, sara.

…progress (continued)

3 10 2010

slowly but steadily… thanks to my wonderful hubby the apartment is coming along…

our media stand…the fireplace…
our random side table/makeshift entry area…

our office/new mallorca pic (thanks panda!)

now if only we could make our way back to mallorca….


18 09 2010

while we might still have some empty (or wrong turned…) frames…at least our walls are no longer empty!!!and we are finally making some progress….happy, happy saturday!!!