…christmas decorations

30 11 2010

since it is now officially christmas season… you know what that means… time to decorate the house!!! it’s one of both mark and i’s favorite time of year… nothing like the living room being lit up by those white lights!

so this weekend… we celebrated the season with a bottle of our favorite champagne…got the ornaments out of storage….even duke was interested and ready to participate!and put together our mini fake tree… while mark sprayed his xmas tree scented febreeze to get us in the mood (he’s allergic to pine). i love seeing it in the living room… and the character it brings to our house!


…our new puppy!!!!

22 11 2010

yesterday, mark and i added a new member to our family- a 1 1/2 yr old rescue cavalier king charles!!!! he was a little shy at first… but after LOTS of treats and petting, he is warming up to both of us…

the car ride home went suprisingly well.. he didn’t make a peep and was VERY cuddly!!!

more to come… don’t forget to leave a comment to enter to win a batch of cookies!


…coming home to my husband!

15 11 2010

i had super great, relaxing weekend in des moines with lib, but nothing beats coming home to my hubby!thanks for the ride!!!!! 🙂

…being a tourist in my city

19 10 2010

on saturday, after months of me saying “i want to do that!!!” while pointing at kayakers in the river next to our whole foods, the mr. and i decided to celebrate sweetest day by going on a kayaking tour down the chicago river…

…and while i gotta say it was quite the “relationship builder” to kayak in a tandem boat… it reminded me how i don’t appreciate the beauty of this city nearly enough…

the mr. was very serious about practicing and listening to the tutorial…

and i just wanted to have fun!the scenery was unreal and i learned a few new facts about my city’s history…so much beautiful architecture!
…we even got to see a bridge lift/lower so the sailboats could come through!it was quite the learning experience and fun adventure… although i’m pretty sure next time, i will be banned from the tandem kayak…

one more of my favorites- the jewelers building- al capone lived in this dome!

…an (almost) perfect weekend

10 10 2010


(our wedding video came!)



(the missing W is what was missing from the perfect weekend)


…when time flies!

4 10 2010

today not only marks our one month anniversary since our wedding (seriously where did september go?)…but also marks our 3 year anniversary of our first weekend together in san francisco!!!which also marks the anniversary of mark learning that buffalo mozzarella, in fact does not taste like buffalo sauce.so grateful you took a chance an booked that last minute flight out to visit your me… and so grateful of everything that came after!

…progress (continued)

3 10 2010

slowly but steadily… thanks to my wonderful hubby the apartment is coming along…

our media stand…the fireplace…
our random side table/makeshift entry area…

our office/new mallorca pic (thanks panda!)

now if only we could make our way back to mallorca….