…christmas music!

17 11 2010

so, i told myself i would wait until the week OF thanksgiving to start listening to christmas music, but that didn’t work out so hot due to the following reasons:

1. starbucks red cups came out so early.

2. the daley plaza christmas tree is already up!

3. libby said she was turning on her xmas tunes on sunday (and whatever libby says goes)

4.93.9 started playing non-stop christmas music last week.

5. the glee christmas album came out yesterday!!!!! i mean… how can i resist???!?!?!?!

here’s my favorite song on the album… i’m pretty sure this won’t be the last xmas song i post in the next 5 1/2 weeks…

cheers to the beginning of the holiday season!!!!

(i promise i’m waiting on decorations)

what’s your favorite christmas tune?


…bruno mars

15 10 2010

first of all, i can’t believe this is my first post dedicated to music… second of all, i can’t believe my first post about music is slightly embarrassing because i am slightly in love with bruno mars…i’ve been listening to his new cd at work, and i don’t know if it’s voice (i think it reminds me of MJ?) or the messages in his songs, but i love it. even if he might have some recent legal troubles… he is damn talented!