…come darkness

7 12 2010

just read about one of the coolest projects i’ve heard about in awhile on cup of jo this AM.

and i totally want all one of these scarves! they are seriously so beautiful!!!!


…the FIRST snow of the year

4 12 2010

the only snow of the year i like (i missed the first teaser on tuesday… it was gone before i got home!)!!!!

i woke up to this this AM: which then looked like this outside…so, after taking duke for a little walk, it was time to get to my car…had to do a little scraping, but it wasn’t too bad…even dukey likes it!!! (i think because he doesn’t have to look for grass to potty….ha!)

…”unseasonably” warm weather

9 11 2010

while there is that tiny ping of “why couldn’t it be a high of 68 on the day of my race?” how could i not be grateful for this beautiful weather here in chicago?i mean… how is it november???? i have no idea, but i LOVE IT.

according to tom skilling, the temps have been almost 20 degrees above the average for november… more like the beginning of oct weather!

i have no idea what this means for winter, and don’t even want to think about it- i’ll take what i can get these days- more sunshine=more happiness!

…fall foliage

18 10 2010

for the last couple of weeks, i smile every time i walk outside our apartment… because i LOVE seeing all the new leaves start to cover the sidewalk…and smile and marvel even more as i’m driving (and sometimes even stop and take pics)…

(these are in park ridge, aka “tree city usa”)

i am so grateful to live in the midwest where fall is trees are abundant and fall is so COLORFUL. it makes me SO happy!(the mr. took this one while golfing last weekend)

(these are from a street near our apt!)