29 11 2010


…a day of thanks!!!

25 11 2010

…my (100th) post

20 11 2010

i started this blog literally days before our wedding… to bring more positivity in my life and to give me a creative/positive outlet.

never, did i think, i’d EVER share with anyone i know (or not know for that matter)…

BUT, i couldn’t be more grateful for the positivity that this blog has brought me… when i go through days that i can’t think of a positive thing in my life… this forces me to find a positive outlook, and proves to be the reason to turn my day around. i have SO much to be grateful for and have an amazing and wonderful life no matter how you look at it. (inspired by sara, made on big huge labs)

i am SO grateful that this blog has lasted more than a week and so grateful to have you reading!

i would love to use this as an opportunity to do my first giveaway!!! since my chocolate chip cookie post is my #1 viewed of “all time” i’d love to send one lucky reader (no matter where you are) a batch of my cookies (vegan or non-vegan, your choice!). just leave me a comment below telling me what surprising (or not surprising) thing you are most grateful for today, and i will use a random number generator to decide the winner next saturday!

YAY for 100 posts! and cheers to being grateful!


19 11 2010

…alternative routes

11 11 2010

starting your day by hearing there is an 8 car accident en route to the office is usually NOT a good thing.

(click for source)

until, <enter the best dad in the world> you get a phone call advising you of said accident, and that you should take an alternative route.

until, you get on said alternative route (expecting it to be jammed as well)… only to find your dad’s tip came before most people got a traffic tip… and said alternative route is empty.

until, you get to work faster than you have via highway in months.

quite a great way to start my day. thanks, dad. 

…whole foods lincoln park

10 11 2010
 so, you can probably tell that i’ve been pretty busy lately (baby showers, working, teaching, and running, oh my!)… hence, the lack of recipes because not only have i not had time to cook since the black bean/sweet potato burgers, we pretty much have no food in our apartment! which is why i am SUPER siked for my trip to whole foods lincoln park tonight!

(click for source)

for those of you who have never been… this is the holy grail, the MECCA, if you will, of whole  foods. quite literally, it is the largest whole foods in the country. not only does it have oodles and oodles of fresh produce,

(click for source)

but theres a wine bar, a bar/bar (and you can drink while shopping… how convenient!),

(click for source)

tons of samples, every kind of gluten/wheat/dairy free product known to mankind, and of course, their famous hot bar along with a gigantic cafeteria, complete with outdoor and indoor seating over looking the river. seriously, check out the whole foods websites’s slideshow… and you’ll see what i’m talking about!

i have about 20 flagged recipes right now… if only i could narrow them down and decide what groceries i need to buy!

…”unseasonably” warm weather

9 11 2010

while there is that tiny ping of “why couldn’t it be a high of 68 on the day of my race?” how could i not be grateful for this beautiful weather here in chicago?i mean… how is it november???? i have no idea, but i LOVE IT.

according to tom skilling, the temps have been almost 20 degrees above the average for november… more like the beginning of oct weather!

i have no idea what this means for winter, and don’t even want to think about it- i’ll take what i can get these days- more sunshine=more happiness!