8 12 2010

(aka the greatest holiday movie of our generation… and maybe of all time?) it’s funny how i still remember the first time i saw the movie, elf. it wasn’t until it came out on DVD, and i think i made a bold move and bought it before i even saw it. koko and i decided to watch it in our sorority house’s living room on a quiet sunday night… and i don’t know if it was the sugar high from the christmas tree peeps or just the hilarity that is will ferrell, but i’m pretty sure that to this day, that is the hardest i’ve ever laughed. and to this day, i still cannot even think about that movie without a smile or chuckle.

here are a few of my favorite scenes (man it was hard to choose…):

“santa!!! i know him!!!”

“i love you i love you!!!” 

the classic.


…the FIRST snow of the year

4 12 2010

the only snow of the year i like (i missed the first teaser on tuesday… it was gone before i got home!)!!!!

i woke up to this this AM: which then looked like this outside…so, after taking duke for a little walk, it was time to get to my car…had to do a little scraping, but it wasn’t too bad…even dukey likes it!!! (i think because he doesn’t have to look for grass to potty….ha!)


2 12 2010

I finally found the time to get to work on my new knitting project… it’s been quite awhile, but it’s like riding a bike!!! and oh, so relaxing after a rough morning while sitting on a plane to arkansas…..

…jib jab

1 12 2010

oh man, this made me laugh way too hard not to share. 

click to watch

TOTALLY made my day… thanks sar!


28 11 2010

thank you all for your positive notes… the winner is number 7…

libby (17:53:37)

“i am happy matthew finally put up our last shelve…it only took days of encouragement….but they are up!!”

lib, email me your cookie of choice and i can either send them to you or give them to you when you are in town… either way, make sure you hide them from mr. matt!!! (jk, matt)


27 11 2010

hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend… don’t forget to leave on comment on this post for what you are grateful for in order to win fresh homemade cookies!!! 🙂

i’ll use the random number generator after midnight!


19 11 2010