….my winter accessories!

17 12 2010

just got these amazing gloves yesterday- little flaps for my thumb and forefinger so I can text outside!!!! even little magnets to hold the flaps in place!


happy friday!!!!!


…visiting besties in a fun city!

22 10 2010

i’m off to DC this weekend to visit one of my very best friends (and bridesmaids!)… and i couldn’t be more excited !

(i'm getting quite a lot of use of these wedding photos, wouldn't you say?)

i haven’t been to DC since i was a kid, and it sounds like ms. sara has put together quite the weekend for us… hopefully theres enough time for a little this…

but, knowing us, there will be lots of laughs, probably a little (or a lot) of shopping, lots of chatting, lots of adult drinks, and lots and lots of fun!

see you soon sara lyn!

…my loved ones successes

17 10 2010

congrats to my dad on his very first HOLE IN ONE this morning!!!!!seriously, how cool is that?!?!?!

and to sara lyn on successfully finishing her very first half marathon!!!! cheers to many more holes in one, and many more races!!!


16 10 2010

happy birthday lib… you are the best sister and former roomie ever! love you so much!

…room service

6 10 2010

I won’t talk about my day yesterday, because well, that’s not what this blog is about. however, I will share my positive at the end of the day: the good ole double tree room service was nice enough to put together a salad for me with the (few) ingredients I can eat! plus they may have thrown in salsa and chips… and a well deserved cocktail (or 2!) to enjoy while I continued to get work done.

today is a new day!!!!


1 10 2010

so… i set a goal for myself at the beginning of the week- since its kind of becoming fall weather (serious fall weather tomorrow)… my goal was to wear leggings and boots to (business casual) work every day this week- and it was kind of the best idea EVER!!!





ok, so i may have cheated a little on friday… but who can pass up jeans friday???

(i also learned on friday that my flash was off all week… whoops!)

…daily new arrivals at shopbop

23 09 2010

i have the same routine each morning when i open up my computer.

check work email. check gmail. and check shopbop’s new arrivals.

it’s been a ritual since freshman year of college, and i feel incomplete without it.

yes, i may not be able to afford $500 sequin cardigans or $600 dvf sweaters , but they sure are damn fun to look at!!!!

gorgeous alexander wang mohair.... yummy

the best part is that they let you “be the editor” and save all of your “hearts”/favorites…. so I can follow my hearts until the day that i either win the lottery, or they go on sale (or they sell out and one gets returned and i can suddenly buy it again)….

it’s kind of the best.