…the daily intel’s gossip girl reality index recaps

22 09 2010

ok, so it’s no suprise i LOVE tv, but whats better then TV? reading HILARIOUS recaps of your favorite shows the next day (or day after!

if you watch gossip girl, and have  never read these recaps, you are in for some gigantic laughs.

the brilliant writers at the daily intel go through the episode pointing out everything that seems real and give it point values, and then do the same thing for everything that is super fake, and then give it an index. i don’t even know if that needed explaining, but i digress- you MUST. READ. THIS. RECAP.

(you can thank me later)



21 09 2010

i know, i know- but i blame, you, caroline, you totally tricked me into become a gleek!

she bought me the dvds last year for my birthday… i put off watching the show the entire first season, so matter how much hype it got… i can’t tell you why, or why i waited so long, but trust me, watch the season premeire tonight and you’ll be hooked too!!!

the music is AMAZING- song choices are spot on and the singing is fantastic, the character plot lines are HILARIOUS, and, i mean, it is my life long dream to belt out into song whenever i please (with lea michelle’s voice, obv).

come on… who doesn’t love a little journey???

it’s too good!!!! i’m no longer embarrassed to say can’t wait for tonight (or the britney episode!)!!!

…finding something new!

20 09 2010

while i planned a long run for Sunday am, teaching 2 classes (+ 2 classes Saturday) really wore me out, so after running the mile and a half home from the studio… I ran to the kitchen and then the couch instead of another 7 1/2 miles.

after a lazy Sunday, mark and I went to whole foods, and I decided to at least get a few more miles in and run home… and then continued to run around a few parks near our house.

my “happy moment” came when I discovered that “oz park” which is about 6-7 blocks away is actually named “oz” because it’s wizard of oz themed!!!! I was a little too run happy to snap a shot of the tin man, but here’s Dorothy!!! can’t wait to run and explore the park to find everyone else!!!

…when two worlds merge

17 09 2010

tonight… i will see 2 of my favorite things in the world come together:

(dancing) dave

and wrigley field!!!!

…and i could not be more excited to hear my favorite band jam at my favorite ball park- i’ve been waiting for this day for so long after SEVERAL rumors (i even had a google alert on it… kind of embarrassing).

can’t wait to see dave dance tonight- and i’m hoping something like this happens…

…wedding recaps!

15 09 2010

sara did this better than i ever could…

sara, i hope you don’t mind if i link to your posts… but i am because they make me SO happy!!!

stationary stuff/teaser

wedding recap part 1

wedding recap part 2

more wedding happiness to come (because it seriously was the happiest day of my life!!!)

…heaven on earth

12 09 2010

yup, no words…

…running adventures with my husband

11 09 2010

it’s one of those no words necessary posts!