…ujjayi breath

13 10 2010

going through wedding photos and watching our wedding video, i realized there really aren’t any good photos/shots of me walking down the aisle- i had a goofy look on my face and it isn’t quite clear if i am smiling really wide or holding my breath.

in fact, i was practicing my ujjayi breath, as we do my yoga classes… and i swear, nothing calms me down quite like these deep, oceanic breaths do. theres something about filling up your entire body with air and letting it all out that is so cleansing, refreshing, and well, damn relaxing (hence why i kept repeating ujjayi breath in my head as i walked down the aisle).

to read more about it… check out this yoga journal article or watch this video:

sometimes… you just need to breathe… namaste.


…more wedding pic love!!!

30 09 2010

my amazing photographer wrote and adorable blog entry about our beautiful day!

check it out here: http://akphotodesign.blogspot.com/2010/09/congratulations-tina-and-mark.html

…wedding photos!!!!

28 09 2010

audrey’s ears must have been ringing because pictures are NOW UP!!!!!!!!!


…and i’m now a VERY happy (yet still a bit busy) girl (although i’m pretty sure that my to do list just got pushed aside since i have spent that last hour glancing through pics and only made it through a fraction of them…  favorites are the way to go!)

…wedding recaps!

15 09 2010

sara did this better than i ever could…

sara, i hope you don’t mind if i link to your posts… but i am because they make me SO happy!!!

stationary stuff/teaser

wedding recap part 1

wedding recap part 2

more wedding happiness to come (because it seriously was the happiest day of my life!!!)


3 09 2010

tomorrow, i am marrying the man of my dreams.

after all the stress of the last year and a half, i can say (with the biggest smile on my face), without a doubt in my mind, i am the happiest i have ever been in my entire life.

and it is all because of this man.

i cannot wait all of the happiness, love, and joy that this man will bring in the upcoming years.

i am the luckiest girl in the whole world.

mark, i love you with all i have and all i’ll ever be- tomorrow will be the happiest day of my life.

…cheers to the celebration of love


2 09 2010

it’s one of those… “no words necessary” posts… however, i cannot include these shoes without commenting on my love for them…

… and i cannot wait to wear them in 2 days!!!!

…the new last name

1 09 2010

dear kuhr,
it’s been a great 25 years trying to spell you out and repeating you to people who don’t understand silent “h’s.” however the fun ends this week… I’m moving on. and from now on, I’ll only have to say “anderson with an o.”

lots of love, tina

my dad dropped off some wedding gifts last night (thanks, dad!!!) and this made me way too excited In a nerdy way…

thanks sar!!!! 🙂