…sightseeing (via running)

25 10 2010

since my favorite way to sightsee is via running, sara was nice enough to map out a nice little long run for me on saturday morning, which took me from her capitol hill apartment, down to the capitol…past the original smithsonian and the national gallery of art…then to the washington monument…all the way down the mall, and of course had to stop and see the ww2 memorial and say a few prayers for grandpa a…...and then i made my way down next to the reflecting pool to the lincoln memorialĀ ….then did a nice loop around it and down the arlington memorial bridge, and then allllll the way back to sara!i really don’t think theres any other way to sightsee, and i absolutely loved all 9 miles of it! it was the prefect way to start an amazing saturday in an awesome city…


…being a tourist in my city

19 10 2010

on saturday, after months of me saying “i want to do that!!!” while pointing at kayakers in the river next to our whole foods, the mr. and i decided to celebrate sweetest day by going on a kayaking tour down the chicago river…

…and while i gotta say it was quite the “relationship builder” to kayak in a tandem boat… it reminded me how i don’t appreciate the beauty of this city nearly enough…

the mr. was very serious about practicing and listening to the tutorial…

and i just wanted to have fun!the scenery was unreal and i learned a few new facts about my city’s history…so much beautiful architecture!
…we even got to see a bridge lift/lower so the sailboats could come through!it was quite the learning experience and fun adventure… although i’m pretty sure next time, i will be banned from the tandem kayak…

one more of my favorites- the jewelers building- al capone lived in this dome!

…ujjayi breath

13 10 2010

going through wedding photos and watching our wedding video, i realized there really aren’t any good photos/shots of me walking down the aisle- i had a goofy look on my face and it isn’t quite clear if i am smiling really wide or holding my breath.

in fact, i was practicing my ujjayi breath, as we do my yoga classes… and i swear, nothing calms me down quite like these deep, oceanic breaths do. theres something about filling up your entire body with air and letting it all out that is so cleansing, refreshing, and well, damn relaxing (hence why i kept repeating ujjayi breath in my head as i walked down the aisle).

to read more about it… check out this yoga journal article or watch this video:

sometimes… you just need to breathe… namaste.

…down dog

31 08 2010

is there anything more refreshing than the best reset position in the whole world?

as cheesy as it sounds, yoga has definitely become a huge stress relief for me, and every time i get to down dog, its like a reset. you get to start over- a new series, a new pose, a new breath.

and i LOVE that. sometimes you just need someone in your life to remind you “take a deep inhale in through your nose, and exhale out through your mouth.”


…the impact tdm clients have had on my life

29 08 2010

i have run into 2 clients in the last 2 days who i have gotten to know fairly well over the last year and few months while teaching at the studio, and have gotten several well wishes and thoughts for the wedding (in 6 days!)…

photos courtesy of tdm facebook pages

this morning, a dear client took me aside to wish me luck and happiness (i won’t see her until after the wedding) and gave me a big hug,

post hug, i looked her straight in the eyes and immediately started to tear up- the amount of love and careĀ she had in the look in her face astounded me.

while i have been teaching these classes for 15 months now, it has been my job to have an impact on their bodies, minds, and lives. never did i realize what an impact these amazing women have had in MY life. i don’t know where i’d be today without the love, support, and positive thoughts i get from several clients at the studio…. but i couldn’t be more grateful for them.

photos courtesy of tdm facebook pages