…wrigley field “bucket boys”

27 09 2010

ok, so while going to cubs games these days might be a little bit painful… my family went for an annual fundraiser for my grade school yesterday for the final home game of the season on one of the biggest rooftops, and like i usually try to do, i try to find the positives in every situation.

positive #1: free beer and food (enter the hubby’s favorite contest- “guess how much i can eat?”)

(taken at the same event last year... hey tom!)

positive #2: getting to catch up my mom (hey mom! hope your subscription to the blog i set up at the game works and you are reading this!)

(showed barb these pics today, she loved them!!!)

positive #3: getting to catch up with the rest of my fam (and other peeps… and then there the peeps i tried to avoid, but thats another story)

(except for caroline and lila- we missed you!!! plus matt (happy bday!), ben, and mike)

positive #4: my last chance until next season to not only see the cubbies (maybe next year, guys), but even better- the wrigley field bucket boys!!! for those of you unfamiliar, the handy iphone was able to take a video… man, i wish someone hadn’t talked me out of having these guys preform at my wedding- they are amazing!!!!

(although i will say my favorite is the toddler boy who plays with his dad… i cannot take credit for this video but how cute is he?!?!)